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Hello everybody! My name is Chris Farrugia and I am a substitute school teacher who will be riding my bicycle around the world for the purpose of raising money for extremely needy children in the USA, Africa and the Aboriginal Children in Australia.

Why am I doing this?

Well, this is a true story. I always ride my bicycle to school and one day a student raised her hand and asked me, "Miss Chris, did you ride your bike around the world?" I chuckled and answered even though I had not, it wouldn't be hard to do, all you have to do is pedal over the land, float over the water and BANG you're around the world.

I thought about what this child had said - Out of the mouth of babes!

"WHAT IF" I really were crazy enough to ride my bicycle AROUND THE WORLD for children?

"WHAT IF" we were all crazy enough to have the courage to take EXTREME MEASURES to help EXTREMELY NEEDY CHILDREN?

JOIN ME, lets do this crazy thing for all of us simply because we can!

I will be leaving on December 1st of 2011. This journey will start from Los Angeles California on that day. It will take one year to ride my bicycle "AROUND THE WORLD"

Follow along or put air in your tires and come along.


Chris Farrugia, substitute school teacher and world bicycler!